Artist Statement


Contested Ground

Paper and graphite are all that are used for these works.  Paper is laid down on pavement and embossed with the graphite.  The title for each piece is the site where the work was made. The locations of past works vary widely from the sites of LA riot fires to the parking lot of a rural Colorado health clinic considered the birthplace of the sex change operation.  The project gives a way to interface with historical and political narratives not necessarily marked with plaques or monuments.

Coordinate Paintings

Coordinate Paintings document various “outcroppings” of discarded man-made things lying on the ground, scenes that can be found almost anywhere on earth, but most often get overlooked, ignored or edited out of the landscape. The painting is titled with the exact geo-coordinates where the original photo was made and is searchable on any mapping software to great accuracy. I take a photo of the ground looking straight down. The photo is color separated, burned onto silkscreens, then screen printed by hand with many layers of acrylic and metallic paint. This intensive process reconstitutes a kind of abstracted ghost of the image, marking that particular place and time.